Volunteer with GetREAL24


There are many ways for you to support the GetREAL24 program outside of financial contributions. As a GetREAL24 volunteer, you have the chance teach impact a young adult’s life by teaching a life skill, being a mentor, becoming a sponsor family, providing transportation, and more.

As a Mentor, you will:
Meet with your resident at least once a week to discuss questions or concerns they may have. Help the resident develop lifelong connections in the community. Provide your resident guidance in personal, career, and education matters. Mentors will be invited to staffings held by DHS for the resident.

As a Sponsor Family you will:
Participate in important celebrations with residents, such as Christmas or birthdays.
Include the resident in family outings, such as going to a restaurant, church, or going bowling.
Help the resident feel that he or she belongs to a family.


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