Early Fall 2019 Newsletter    

Children's Emergency Shelter

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Due to recent changes to the Families First Prevention Services Act (FFPSA), a Federal Law passed by Congress in February 2018, the CES is transitioning its format from a short-term emergency shelter, to a long-term shelter. As a long-term shelter that focuses on being trauma-informed, the CES will become a Qualified Residential Treatment Program (QRTP). This new format will give the CES the opportunity to better address the emotional and behavioral challenges youth in foster care experience due to the trauma, neglect, and abuse they have experienced.

As a QRTP, youth in foster care will live at the CES for 6-months or longer, receive access to nursing staff and on-site therapy, and have a more centralized and specific prevention plan to support both their individual needs and the needs of their family members. This level of care will aide each child in successfully transitioning into a more traditional home environment.

To learn more, read Executive Director Jack Moffett’s letter on page 3 of our 2018-2019 Annual Report. Click “READ MORE…”

You Can Help
You Can Help

You Can Help

100% of all donations made to the CES go to supporting the needs of our youth in care. This includes but is not limited to: new shoes and clothes that FIT, outings and lifeskills experiences, daily hygiene and personal needs, utility costs to provide warm water and electricity, transportation to/from school, the dentist, doctor, and so much more!

Please consider supporting the CES and the youth we serve by making a donation.

Make an Impact
Make an Impact

Special thanks to

Ark Poly & Jeff Gosey for sponsoring our back to school trip to Magic Springs!

Make an Impact…Create a Happy Memory

The CES kids enjoyed a trip to Magic Springs before starting the new school year! Magic Springs gave our kids the opportunity to experience normalcy and “just be kids!” It also provided life-skills lessons like, budgeting, how to behave in public and respect authority figures, how to order from a restaurant menu, and patience while waiting in line.

If you would like to support a trip or outing for our kids, please make a donation online! These trips give our kids the opportunity to go back to school and share their experience…providing them a little piece of “normalcy”…something they all crave.

Give a Little Hope

“I can drive now!!!! I feel so accomplished…like I can do anything!”

Give a Little Hope

“I know I need to keep working hard towards getting my driver’s license.”

Give a Little Hope…GetREAL24

GetREAL24 has 2 new drivers! Congratulations to Carlos and Jason for passing their driver’s permit exams!

Transportation is an important key to independence, adulthood, and freedom! We are so proud of our resident’s and their persistence to succeed.

GetREAL24 is an independent living program that provides youth in foster care, ages 18 and older, a place to live independently among their peers, while gaining the life-skills necessary to become successful. contributing members of society.


Are you a “stakeholder”/monetary contributor to the CES? We would love to have your feedback

Are you a volunteer with the CES? We would love to have your feedback


The Children’s Shelter is a safe and stable home providing long-term, evidence-based and trauma-informed, resident-centered and family-focused care to youth in foster care who exhibit emotional and behavioral disorders due to neglect and/or abuse.



If you suspect child abuse or neglect, REPORT IT: Call 800-482-5964