CES Statistics

The Fort Smith Children’s Emergency Shelter provides approximately 7170 nights of care each year to abused and neglected children.
  • $853= cost to care for 1 child during the average stay of 27 days
  • Serves an average daily occupancy of 20 children
  • CES serves over 37,000 meals per year
  • Transports our kids approximately 500 miles per week to/from school, doctor appointments, visitations, and other school or social activities
  • Serves 4 gallons of milk each day
  • Washes 77 loads of laundry each week
  • Provides an average breakfast of 3 dozen scrambled eggs and 2 loaves of toasted bread
  • Provides over 2100 rolls of toilet paper each year
  • Serves over 315 children per year
It takes a lot of money to serve up to 24 children each day, 365 days a year. CES is able to provide our children with a safe home, their daily needs and clothing, and opportunities they might not otherwise have because of private donations and grants, and state funding. Financially support CES by donating now!