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Allowing kids in crisis

The opportunity to just be kids

Our Mission

Serving more than 4,200 children in crisis since 1997

The mission of the Children’s Shelter is to be a safe and stable home that provides long-term, evidence-based, trauma-informed, resident-centered and family-focused care to youth in foster care who exhibit emotional and behavioral disorders due to neglect and/or abuse.
The CES allows children in crisis the opportunity to JUST BE KIDS!

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Fort Smith Children's Shelter
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Base Camp

A program for young adults

Our GetREAL program helps young adults become independent and one of those skills includes receiving their driver’s license! Before the program, many of our young adults don’t have a valid driver’s license, car insurance or a reliable vehicle. We work with them on budgeting for vehicle payments, being legal on the road and becoming independent.

Shoes that Fit

Many of our children come to us with old, worn out shoes that don’t fit their feet. Our “Shoes that Fit” program allows each child to shop for a new pair of shoes that fit their feet, fit their personalities and allow them to fit in at school. Make a difference in the lives of our children one pair of shoes at a time by supporting our “Shoes that Fit” program!

This is Timmy...

Timmy celebrated his 13th birthday with us and all he wanted to do was share his birthday pie with anyone who walked through our doors. We try our hardest to celebrate and create happy memories for our children while in our care. Join us in creating happy memories and celebrating birthdays for our children in crisis.

The Fort Smith Children’s Emergency Shelter Independent Living Program, GetREAL, provides a fully-furnished, one-bedroom apartment to young adults, ages 18 and older, who have “aged out” of foster care. GetREAL provides the support and resources to help these young adults transition to independence and become successful, contributing members of society.